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Chrystine Murphy I started as a child with a 110 camera in my hand, and my parents complaining that I used up too much film. I moved on to be a young adult with children and being someone who loved to take photographs of them. I dreamed of that beautiful 35mm SLR in the window, so I then became the friend with the awesome SLR camera that took great shots of her kids, and was willing to photograph some of your kids too. Now I am that girl with the DSLR that LOVES photography and LOVES to capture that moment, you know that one moment that just needs to be frozen in time. I am that stay at home mom that needed to let out the artist inside and has managed to find a career she can do that feels like an avocation every time she goes to work or sits down at the computer to work. That is me, and I am Chrystine Murphy but my friends call me Chrys. I am a graduate of New York Institute of Photography. I love what I do and I want to show that to you as my client. I want to thank you for taking the time to check out my site and thank you for considering me as your personal photographer. Thank You and God Bless Chrystie Murphy

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Sitting Fee $125

$25 an hour for families or groups larger than 10 persons  Client Gets:  *CD or flash drive with copy of approximately 15 edited pictures 

Engagement Photo Package

Sitting Fee/ Deposit $150.00

Client Gets:  *CD or flash drive with copy of approximately 20 to 25 edited pictures

Small Ceremonies & Parties

Sitting Fee/ Deposit $ 300.00

$ 25 an hour for minimum of 3 hours

Client Gets:  *CD or flash drive with copy of approximately 50 to 100 edited pictures depending on the event. 

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Posted by Chrystine Murphy on Sunday, April 25, 2010,
 May! It is right around the corner! Hope that everyone enjoyed there Start to Spring in the surprising and beautiful Start to it! I had a Joyful Easter with the family, And always cherish the time spent remembering the Lord has risen! It will be a beautiful time when he returns to us! 
Ok now on to all the beauty that nature has given us to Photograph! I am in love with all the flowers and the sunshine, The world is a joyful place this time of year and it is showing us how colorful it can be!...
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Posted by Chrystine Murphy on Monday, April 12, 2010,
Spring has Sprung and now it is time to think about those Sr. High Portraits, Summer Weddings.
Flowers are in Bloom, and the sun is showing us its awesome Power.
Sale for May and June is $50.00 Studio Portraits.
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also See the work done by me and my friend in our new adventure
Shutter Bug Photography

Love and God Bless ! xo !
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